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quality assurancea system of procedures for selecting the levels of quality required for a projct or portion thereof to perform the functions intended, and assuring that these levels are obtained.
quality controla system of procedures and standards by which a constructor, product manufacturer, materials processor, or the like, monitors the properties of the finished work.
quarriercompany or person that extracts natural stone from a quarry.
quarryan excavation where usable stone is extracted from the ground.
quarry tileunglazed tile, usually 6 in. 2 or more in surface area and ‘/2 to 3/4 in. (13 to 19 mm) in thickness, made by the extrusion process from natural clay or shales. 
quarteringa method of obtaining a representative sample by dividing a circular pile of a larger sample into four equal parts and discarding opposite quarters successively until the desired size of sample is obtained.
quartza silicon dioxide mineral that occurs in colorless and transparent or colored hexagonal crystals and also in crystalline masses. one of the most common minerals, the chief constituent of sandstone.
quartzitea compact granular rock composed of quartz crystals, usually so firmly cemented as to make the mass homogeneous. the stone is generally quarried in stratified layers, the surfaces of which are unusually smooth. its crushing and tensile strengths are extremely high; the color range is wide.
quartzitic sandstonea sandstone with a high concentration of quartz grains and siliceous cement.
quicklimecalcium oxide (cao). (see also lime.)
quirk-miterlinear edge work for corner joints.
quirk-miter jointan external corner formed by two stone panels at an angle, with meeting edges mitered and with exposed portions finished.
quirta groove separating a bed or other moulding from the adjoining members.
quoinsstones at the corner of a wall emphasized by size, projection, rustification, or by a different finish.