Crema marfil select

Crema marfil select is the best of the different qualities of the Crema marfil, beauty, distinction and elegance are adjectives that perfectly describe a product exclusive and widely used by large hotel chains, museums, renowned architects and large projects in the Gulf countries , where price is not a problem and only the distinction and beauty of materials is sought. In Maniacs we have all the qualities of the Crema marfil, but remember that this is not a manufactured product but is extracted through the quarries of the existing Crema marfil and that the qualities of the blocks depends on how they formed those quarries of Crema marfil thousands of years ago and not an automated or mechanized process.

Crema marfil Select marble tiles

Crema marfil 10x10x0,8 cm.

Crema marfil 30,5×30,5×1 cm.

Crema marfil 30x30x1,2 cm.

Crema marfil 30x60x1,2 cm.

Crema marfil 40x40x2 cm.

Crema marfil 40x60x2 cm.

Crema marfil 60x60x2 cm.

Crema marfil 90x90x2 cm.

We can suply any measures.

Crema marfil Select slabs

Tablas de Crema marfil en 2cm.

Tablas de Crema marfil en 3cm.

Slabs with special thickness.

Crema marfil Select mosaics

Mosaicos de Crema marfil 2,5×2,5.

Mosaicos de Crema marfil 5×5.

Mosaicos dameros.

Otras medidas.

Other products in crema marfil

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broken tiles in crema marfil

sinks in crema marfil

washbasin in crema marfil


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