Bush hammered

It is an ancient form of surface treatment of all stone materials for external cladding and other handicrafts and hand made one of the most used. Also known for carving.

The surface of the rock is struck repeatedly previously flattened with a hammer (Bujard) with one or two heads of steel containing small pyramid-shaped teeth.

Today Bujard still used the manual, although the most used are the pneumatic either simple or automatic, where the heads are displaced on the surface of the rock.

Are often used in outdoor pavements by its characteristic of slip.

Aspect ratio…

The treated surface presents small craters 1 -3 mm in depth and width uniformly distributed, which make clear the overall tone of the rock. The size and density of the dots depends not only on whether the force used heavy, medium or fine.

In Bujard manuals are often used heads 16-36 and 49-64 teeth (two widely used are those of 25 and 49 teeth).

In pneumatic heads are usually used for 8 or 25 teeth.

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