Process flamed

 The flamed is a high temperature heat treatment of the surface of granite or marble, using successive passes of a flame with 45 ° tilt, with burners, single or multiple oxyacetylene getting about 2,800 º C. The flamed is often applied to tables of stones from the looms, passing by the table where this process is applied to the upper faces. The flamed only applied to large surfaces, not edges or corners. The flamed the passage of the flame on the flat surfaces of the sawn boards, produces a thermal shock in the minerals, which are decrepit thin flakes off the glass.

Appearance provided by the flamed

The result obtained by the flamed is an area with some relief, rough, cratered and some glass, which provides a rustic look to the stone, but no appreciable change in color or presence of dirt or debris that denote treatment. With the same flamed is achieved and an increase in the stability of the face to altered atmospheric chemistry. It is uncommon to apply the process to flamed marbles as Rojo Alicante, Negro Marquina, Crema marfil, Travertine Red or travertine yellow gold.