The process…
The honed is a treatment similar to polished, but without gloss achieved, using successively decreasing progressively abrasive grain, not using the finest grain are obtained with the polished shine. The honed used machines usually consist of several branches with grinding heads that rotate with rotation and translation pendulum on fixed benches along the chain of the honed process. For the development of small areas honed is carried out manually by means of mechanical grinding with abrasive. It takes place in rocks that necessarily hold a certain compactness and hardness, but typically do not support the polished, though not incompatible polished and honed on the same stone.
Appearance provided by the honed
Get rubbing down flat, smooth, dull and without any visible mark. The tone of the honing material provided is darker than other terminals except polished. In addition, highlights much texture and colour. The honed stones are usually used that do not support the polished finish not reach the necessary degree of crystallization, for many limestones as crema marfil, negro marquina, rojo alicante.

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