The process…
The Polished is a treatment similar to the honed, the polished treatment is most commonly known and the surface of marble and granite panels. The polished can be made in the rocks that have a sufficient degree of crystallinity necessary to constitute the last part of the gradual straightening process abrasive undergoing these materials, aimed at achieving commonly referred to as polished brightness. For the development of polished abrasive grain used successively progressive decrease. The most common polished machines consist of multiple arms with heads of grinding wheels rotating with rotation and translation pendulum on fixed benches along the chain of the polished process. Manually only small areas are polished, as objects, frames, etc..

Appearance provided by the polished
You get a smooth, flat, shiny and reflective with no visible scratches or scratches. The polished finish can also provide specific aesthetic characteristics, helps to leave a closed porosity and provide the material highly resistant to external aggressions. Dramatically highlights the polished appearance of the rock, showing clearly the texture and colours. The tone that comes with the polished is darker than that achieved with other surface treatments as honed or others.

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