The calacatta is a white stone with fine grain size. The calacatta has a pure white background and veins are based on oblique and with a range of gray tones on which others can also get colors like hard beige. The calacatta is extracted in Italy.  The calacatta is classified as a recrystallized limestone of cambrian age. The quarry reserves are good and the blocks obtained vary from mid to large.  The calacatta supports finished such as polished and honed. This material is comparable to other exclusive Italian marble as white thassos, statuario, white carrara. We offer slabs 2cm, slabs 3cm and marble tiles of calacatta.

Marble tiles in calacatta

calacatta  30,5×30,5×1 cm.

calacatta  30x30x1,2 cm

calacatta  30x60x1,2 cm.

calacatta 40x40x2 cm.

calacatta  40x60x2 cm.

calacatta  60x60x2 cm.

calacatta  90x90x2 cm.

We can provide any measure.

Slabs in calacatta

calacatta  slabs 2cm.

calacatta  slabs 3cm.

Slabs with special thickness


Calacatta-10 Calacatta-11 Calacatta-12

Calacatta-13 Calacatta-14 Calacatta-15