The Statuario is a compact marble and fairly uniform, where his gray veins streaks with a exceptional snow white. The Statuario is medium grain. The Statuario is an italian marble. The fronts are small quarry exploitation. There is little turnover becacause of its exclusive price. The Statuario supports different finishes like honed, polished, rough, etc. We have in stock slabs 2cm and slabs 3cm and marble tiles of  Statuario in several sizes. The Statuario use is indistinct for indoors and outdoors. The Statuario was widely used in Roman times to carve sculptures.

Marble tiles in Statuario

Statuario  30,5×30,5×1 cm.

Statuario  30x30x1,2 cm

Statuario  30x60x1,2 cm.

Statuario 40x40x2 cm.

Statuario  40x60x2 cm.

Statuario  60x60x2 cm.

Statuario  90x90x2 cm.

We can provide any measure.

Slabs in Statuario

Statuario  slabs 2cm.

Statuario  slabs 3cm.

Slabs with special thickness


Statuario-10 Statuario-11 Statuario-12

Statuario-13 Statuario-14 Statuario-15