Macael white

Macael white  is a light gray with abundant dark gray streaks distributed discontinuously. The macael white is a compact and medium grain. The macael white is extracted in the province of Almeria. The macael white is a slightly mottled gray-green marble. The macael white is stratified with powerful banks. The fronts of the quarry macael white are one white high-rise blocks that can be drawn from various measures. Supports any type of rough surface finish, transparent polished, filled polished, honed, aged, flamed, sandblasted and bush-hammered. Using this macael white is used mainly indoors.


Marble tiles in macael white

Macael white 10x10x0,8 cm.

Macael white 30,5×30,5×1 cm.

Macael white 30x30x1,2 cm.

Macael white 30x60x1,2 cm.

Macael white 40x40x2 cm.

Macael white 40x60x2 cm.

Macael white 60x60x2 cm.

Macael white 90x90x2 cm.

We can provide any measure.

Slabs in macael white

Macael white slabs 2cm.

Macael white slabs 3cm.

Slabs with special thickness.

Mosaics in macael white

Macael white  mosaic 2,5×2,5

Macael white mosaic 5×5


Others sizes.

Other products in macael white

countertops in macael white

shower plates in macael white

broken tiles in macael white

sinks in macael white


Macael white 10 Macael white 11 Macael white 12

Macael white 13 Macael white 14 Macael white 15