Niwala yellow

The niwala yellow sandstone is a sandstone yellow of brown colour, with light tone and fine grain. The  niwala yellow sandstone is extracted in the province of Alicante. The niwala yellow sandstone has a little front of quarry bank that have a medium length, the blocks are also medium in size, but can be drawn large blocks. The niwala yellow sandstone supports only the rought and the honed surface finish. The niwala yellow sandstone is used mainly outdoors.


Marble tiles in niwala yellow

Niwala yellow 30x30x2 cm.

Niwala yellow 30x60x2 cm.

Niwala yellow 40x40x2 cm.

Niwala yellow 40x60x2 cm.

Niwala yellow 60x60x2 cm.

Niwala yellow 90x90x2 cm.

We can provide any measure.

Slabs in niwala yellow

Niwala yellow slabs 2cm.

Niwala yellow slabs 3cm.

Slabs with special thickness


Niwala-Yellow-10 Niwala-Yellow-11 Niwala-Yellow-12

Niwala-Yellow-13 Niwala-Yellow-14 Niwala-Yellow-15