18″x18″ inches

We can produce 18″x18″ inches in diferents thicknees and in diferents finishings as rough surface finish, polished, flamed, aged, sandblasted, bush-hammered and honed.  Also we can produce 18″x18″ inches in crema marfil, rojo alicante, marron emperador, negro marquina, marron emperador lightspanish gold, green marble, amarillo macael triana, white macael.


Crema Marfil

Crema marfil 18″x18″x3/8

Crema marfil 18″x18″x5/8

Crema marfil 18″x18″x3/4

Rojo Alicante

Rojo alicante 18″x18″3/8

Rojo alicante 18″x18″x5/8

Rojo alicante 18″x18″x3/4

Marron Emperador

Marron emperador 18″x18″3/8

Marron emperador 18″x18″x5/8

Marron emperador 18″x18″x3/4

Negro Marquina

Negro marquina 18″x18″3/8

Negro marquina 18″x18″x5/8

Negro marquina 18″x18″x3/4

Marron Emperador light

Marron emperador light 18″x18″3/8

Marron emperador light 18″x18″x5/8

Marron emperador light 18″x18″x3/4

Niwala Yellow

Niwala Yellow 18″x18″3/8

Niwala Yellow 18″x18″x5/8

Niwala Yellow 18″x18″x3/4

Spanish Gold

Spanish gold 18″x18″3/8

Spanish gold 18″x18″x5/8

Spanish gold 18″x18″x3/4

Macael White

Macael white 18″x18″3/8

Macael white 18″x18″x5/8

Macael white 18″x18″x3/4


Green 18″x18″3/8

Green 18″x18″x5/8

Green 18″x18″x3/4

Capri Limestone

Capri limestone 18″x18″3/8

Capri limestone 18″x18″x5/8

Capri limestone 18″x18″x3/4

Amarillo Macael Triana

Amarillo Macael Triana 18″x18″3/8

Amarillo Macael Triana 18″x18″x5/8

Amarillo Macael Triana 18″x18″x3/4